Mark Littman


    Mark Littman is a director who knows and gets what he wants. Mark’s genuine but strange variety of interests and knowledge, from song lyrics to engineering to aviation, not only makes him a great travel companion, but also pretty good at connecting with people (and kids and animals). So his interviews are extra that. Mark’s feature documentary directorial debut “Red, White and Yellow” won the Audience Award at The Hamptons Film Festival and has played at festivals around the world. He’s applied his keen eye and sense to commercials and branded projects for over 20 years, collaborating with Girl Scouts of America, Microsoft, Blue Buffalo, Allstate, Marriott, and Food Network, and celebrities like Alex Guarnaschelli and Ree Drummond.
    Mark loves to travel and will take any excuse to get on a plane. Or boat. Or tuk-tuk. He works extensively with global nonprofit Trickle Up ( to visit developing communities and shine a spotlight on amazing women making better lives for themselves. And he goes further to develop strategy and 360 content that will drive awareness and support.
    Mark is a founder and partner at Northern Lights, BODEGA, Mr Wonderful, and SuperExploder. He recently executive produced the feature documentary Chi-town, which premiered at SXSW.