Mike G.


    Director Mike G.–the ‘G.’ is for Goubeaux–got his start putting on magic shows for his neighbors as a kid. As a director, he brings that same sense of whimsy and trickery to the screen which can be seen in some of his work for eBay, Doritos, Kool-Aid, Men’s Wearhouse, Braun, and most recently Kellogg’s, Shell, ESPN and Amazon Alexa. Mike’s a pro working with celebrities including Megan Fox, John Stamos, and Blake Shelton, as well as top athletes Russell Wilson, John Cena, and Dak Prescott.
    Mike cuts, colors, and comps when called upon, and speaks the language of VFX, motion control, and tracking to post houses and VFX supervisors. You’ll often see pre-visualization and 3D mockups as part of his prep work with his director of photography. When he’s not working, he’s probably cooking or roaming the west in The Beast Adventuremobile.