Shell “Multi-Me”

Directed by Mike G.

Agency: Wunderman Thompson Atlanta
Client: Shell
Director: Mike G.

This spot for Shell was initially conceived as a gigantic set build with two synchronized motion control rigs; one to move the camera, and one to move Brent – Shell’s gregarious spokesperson – through those sets. The global pandemic required us to think out of the box to reduce crew size and actor’s interactions, so we shifted to a primarily CG approach, using a single motion control rig to shoot our talent on separate plates. Brent would be shot to look as if he was gliding along on a carousel-style conveyor belt, and the Road Warrior character would be able to move around the stylized pie-slices of our set while appearing fixed to the CG environment, and eventually performing three times in one scene. In the end, all of the live-action plates and CG were married together to create another magical, thirty second one-er for Shell, where you too can get three things done at once!